Friday, September 14, 2007

Mrs Bendi Craft

As you know, I am at home on the Sunshine Coast visiting the parental units. I realised that we havent posted on here for over a month!


So here is a photo of some craft to get you in the mood to post.

This is on of the quilts that Mrs Bendi has made.

Come on peeps, lots of exciting stuff has happened recently. Post already, I dare you!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

How Rude

Oh my gawd. Someone asked me if I was having twins yesterday! It went like this at the check out of the green grocers.

checkout chick: How long have you got to go?
Fat pregnant lady (ie me): about 10-11 weeks
COC: REALLY????? Wow! Are there 2 in there?!
FPL: hahaha (weak laughing) um nope definitely 1.
COC: WOW you're HUGE!
FPL: Har Har. Well 2 Drs have commented in the last 2 weeks how our baby is a 'good size' for which I think is polite dr speak for 'shit your baby's HUGE'.
COC: Haha, well you are big.
FPL inside my head: this is all very wierd. Although I'm not really that bothered by it for some reason.

And so it went on and even inlcuded her asking me if I think it will hurt. Arrr der. Yes.

But I have actually popped again:

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bump. 26.5

Can someone come clean my mirro please?

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Don't wanna be left out

I saw there's been a posting frenzy....well 2 posts within one hour of each other on the same day. So I didn't want to be left out.

This is the yarn I'm using for my practising knitting without looking project.



And soon hopefully a knitted photo to follow.
So after his first encounter at a buck's party last night, JD has decided he does not find strippers sexy.

My new red shoes on the other hand...

Saturday, June 30, 2007

What's going on??

Got these little cuties at Spotlight about a month ago. I couldnt resist.
I know I am just a kid at heart!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The half way mark

And this is what it looks like:

There's kicking and or punching and movement at the station. There's also indigestion and a slightly sore back and the verge of no more work clothes that fit.

Haha I look at that photo up there and think I'm just poking my tummy out - you know like you did when you were a kid and pretended to be pregnant.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

stitch and bitch - in the real world!!

I watched these ladies in San Sebastian sitting in the hot hot sun mending their husband´s fishing nets with awe......

I, of course, was enjoying a beer and relaxing but was amazed at the way they worked together, telling stories and plowing through the pile of work..... Now THIS is being a starter-finisher!!

I went over and had a "chat" (they speak basque and i speak spanglish, so it was basic) and she said that its only required every few weeks, or when the nets are damaged enough and it takes all day!!! I told her about my crafty chicas at home!!

Hats off to these snb-ers!!!

the coming home options.....

hmmm, its definately time for a visit downunder, it seems and im doing all the necessary research to get a flight...... either in August or December, depending on costs etc...... its really bloddy expensive though - plus ill be paying rent here and there is no pay coming in between july and september........ so need to think carefully about it so i dont bankrupt myself!!

BUT, that means that ill let you know when something is organised and hopefully we can get together while im there...... Aiming for 4-5 weeks at this stage....

Main reasons for aiming for august are beacuse my grandfather is really sick and getting dementia quite badly and id love to see him..... plus James is due to be chrsitened and id like to meet him!!! PLus of course i am really missing my friends and family.... even though Im mostly pretending that all is well (for sanity purposes mainly) its hard and Id love to touch base with some "real" people again!

thanks for being real!!

ok, thats all for his post - one more to come!

proud aunty update #342

well, sadly i have no electronic pics of james willow, but time is a´passin and he can now hold his head straight and sit up - apparently!!! He doesnt look so big in the pics but bigger than JS at this age so I think Ill have body guards for nephews soon enough!

Also Snowy has been doing a bit of crafting himself and is drawing hin family..... aunty kel kel got a look-in too - I was four lines and a dot, but it sounds perfect...... mainly becaue the lines were curvy!!!

thats all.......

ps. can you tell i miss them??